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Transform the way florists run their business

We’re FloomX and we’re on a mission to completely transform the way that florists run their business' for the better.
Using simple technology alongside daily guidance and support, we will empower you with anything and everything you need to run things efficiently and effectively so you can focus on being creative.
From farm to the customer and everything in between, we’re here to help you grow. Our platform makes it easy to manage everyday tasks and long-term goals from anywhere.
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Make new flower friends

We provide our members with daily guidance, support and inspiration to run their business. You’ll also be joining a network of like-minded florists.
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Our story

Our inspiration comes from you

Three years ago in London, Lana Elie founded Floom, an online marketplace that provides independent florists from the UK and US a platform to sell beautifully crafted bouquets, and customers a way to buy them.
Floom CEO, Lana Elie
Frustrated with the underwhelming arrangements big floral companies offered online, Lana knew there had to be a better way to find and send arrangements that didn’t feel prepackaged and impersonal. The answer laid in handpicking local independent florists who were experts at creating thoughtful, unique bouquets. (The rest is botanic history!)
Florists may be in the business of working with beautiful things, but their day-to-day isn't always pretty.
Since then, the team has grown to 25 people, all trying to cultivate the best floral community out there. As a company who built their own floral website, we learned quite a bit about the floral industry. From juggling outdated software to dealing with demanding customers to balancing bookkeeping, emails, and chasing couriers, it’s not all rainbows and calla lilies. Not only that, but we found that florists didn’t have the time to create a beautiful but also effective website for themselves.
So the more we learned about their day-to-day, the more we asked ourselves: how can we make it easier? That’s why we decided to put our learnings to good use to create FloomX, which helps florists of all sorts to flourish. Created with connection in mind, FloomX offers a modern, streamlined platform for florists to do what they do best. The result? Less time crunching numbers and more time for crafting beautiful bouquets.

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